Product and Service Design with a digital theatre that can be played at remote communities


CNA, National Center for the Arts (MX)


Part of the Engineering Hub Team tasked with prototyping and constructing this project. Explored further with solo work


How might we develop an entertaining and community building service that will feasibly conducted in the remote communities of Mexico.


Five big plastic containers, fitted with speakers and bluetooth mp3 players perform as a full cast to entertain an audience, each one of them voicing a different character.

Running on batteries, it can play even on locations without electricity. The Canned Theatre tells the 30 minute story of five characters - each of them represented by a container- that have mysteriously fallen into cans while visiting a canned beans factory.

The characters speak in turns and each voice comes out of their perspective cans. This was accomplished through a bluetooth mp3 player-amplifier-speaker arrangement. Each of the 5 recordings have only their respective characters dialogue and is stored on a usb drive. The recordings leave gaps of silence where the other characters are speaking. It all comes together thanks to the bluetooth module that works with a remote control so that we can play and pause simultaneously. One of the challenges was making the 5 modules respond to the same remote control so that the 5 recordings start at the same time.

The value of Canned Theatre is that it can be adapted to as many characters or plotlines as needed and taken anywhere. Providing a cultural event for communities, schools or individuals that may not be able to attend a conventional theatrical space.