Three Musketeers Trikes


One for all and all for one:         a sustainable option for different kinds of motor skills


A wide range of adults,  people who need extra stability, adults with Down syndrome and/or motor skill challenges, as well as people with full motor development can use this recycled-wood trike. 


Solo designer, conducting research and human-centered design for Andy, and 18 year old woman with Down Syndrome.


How might we develop a transportation solution that can be used by people with different movement possibilities, encouraging the inclusion of all types of users.


A stable , recycled wood trike with a geometry that is extremely simple to adjust and manufacture, so it can be tailor-made to the user’s needs. 

This trike in particular was made for Andy, an 18-year-old girl with Down syndrome, the frame was calculated for her measures so she could move safely and freely; this process can be replicated and adjusted to the user’s body and mobility.

The materials used can be re-sourced easily to reduce the footprint of manufacture.