The following are activities where I have developed across the years; I have been able to find creative outlets through them , as well as getting to know interesting concepts and people. 

Summer 2015 International Children's Village

Summer 2015 International Children's Village


Children's International Summer Village is a  Non Governmental Organization partnered with UNESCO that aims to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. 

Children and Young Adults from all over the world gather in different programs to promote inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. 

On the summer of 2015 I volunteered as a leader, I took a delegation of 4 mexican eleven year olds to a Village in Sheffield, England. We were able to make our fellow delegations aware about Mexico's richness and perils. The empathy created was incredible.

On the summer of 2017, I organized and managed an Interchange with Thailand, where my delegation of 7 mexican twelve year olds received 7 thai children for three weeks and viceversa. We worked on showing them and appreciating our country, as well as finding similarities between our countries and looking to work together for a more tolerant relation. 




I've taken ballet classes since I was  6 years old. Encouraged by my parents and not always easy, I found that this discipline was thoroughly enriching and creatively stimulating. The music, as well as the coordination and strength proved to have physical, concentration and agility benefits.

Even though I never intended or could pursue it professionally, I fully enjoy practicing it today. My last official examination was the Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate grade.

There are similarities between Ballet and Engineering, one of them is precision. Tarik Abdel-Gawad's "Ballet meets Robotics" synchronized dancer's movements with a robotic arm that filmed them seamlessly.

Watercolor and pen technique                                                 

Watercolor and pen technique                                                 


I am very interested in art, from exhibitions to symbolism and art history, I like both creating and observing.

On 2012, I attended the School of Visual Arts summer program "Fine arts and Design" in New York; we worked from charcoal to Illustrator. 

From then on I've become a keen drawer, in both paper and digital formats.

I am interested as well, in performance pieces that involve technology. In many cases, I feel like art enhances technology and technology makes pieces relevant on this modern age.